Positive Choices

Proven Strategies For Positive Choices

Where are you now in your mind and body?

Are you stuck, feel as if you are stagnating in life be that career, relationship, health and wellbeing.

Where do you want to be, where do you really want to be?

I mean where do you really want to be, what do you really want to be, not what society tells you that you should be and should do.  Far too many of us conform to societies rules and dogma, get a good education, get a job, marry a certain type of person.  Who say we have to follow those rules of society?

What aspects of your life do you really want change in?

Do you want change in your career? change in your relationships? to live healthier?

You probably already know what you want to change.

I have a feeling of knowing that you already know what you want change in, what would it be like if you had already made those changes, how would you feel if you had already made those changes, if you were living that life now.

I don’t know if you have already tried.

You really shouldn’t dwell on the past and previous attempts at making change, to live in the past holds us there, the past is a lesson not a sentence, cut the rope to the past and move on.  Maybe you haven’t tried yet.

Sooner or later you will try.

You already know that you have all the knowledge you need to answer your questions and to make the positive choice you need.

When you become the you that you desire, how does it feel when you know.

If the mind can visualise the you that you WANT to be then the body can achieve it, imagine visualising the you that you crave, the you that you deserve.  Your only limits are your imagination and mind.  Visualise five years from now living the life you dream of; a dream is a goal without a plan or deadline.

I have a feeling of knowing that you are here because you want change.  If you are not living the life that you want, you are in the right place for life changing lessons.  The problem is that most people go about change the same way, they follow the same process, the same tired strategies that do not create greatness in life but merely create the same model that society wants us to create.  Because you follow the same old methods and conform then you live the same, act the same and attract the same clones that society and the media tell you to.

I will guide and assist you in creating a model of you that will give you everything you WANT.

Using proven strategies for positive choice and change you will change your life in every are you decide to.  For amazing personal growth and development, you have to commit to follow the process.  As I said earlier a dream is a goal without a deadline, without action your goal stays a dream, create your goals, take action follow simple and proven strategies to accomplish your end goals, not means goals but true life fulfilling end goals.

Statistics prove that most people fail in goal setting and life changes.  How many people do you know that set a new year’s resolution only to give it up 3 weeks in?  How many people start a diet to only put all and often more weight back on as soon as they stop, stop smoking only to start again, take out a gym membership but never actually go.

All the above and so much more is due to mindset, do you believe you are destined to be overweight, do you believe that you will not succeed because that’s how life is, that some people are born lucky, born with better circumstances.

Are you willing to invest in YOU, to invest in the most important thing you can, invest in your growth, your development to create the best you that you can?  To grow in any are of life you must invest in yourself above all other areas.  If you do not invest in YOU then you’re destined to fail, grow yourself, develop the best you that you can and everything else will fall in to place.

Do you want to grow? Do you want to flourish in every area? Do you truly believe in YOU?

If you are still reading this and can honestly and positively answer YES to the above, then WE can make it happen.  Join me and I promise to guide you to the life you desire not merely a dream but life that exists, a life that you develop and grow.  To be the greatest you that you can possibly visualise, if the mind can imagine it YOU can achieve it.

If you are serious about making the changes that will have huge life changing effects that you create, then take action now.

I will give you free a free E-Book with proven tools and strategies for you to start making the life changing decisions that will help you to develop and grow the true you that you WANT, all you have to do is commit your time and effort to complete the tasks, without your action then they remain dreams, remember a goal without action is a dream, a dream is merely a dream.


“Ian helped me with a particular issue where I wanted to stop eating bread. I love bread and eat far too much of it, which was affecting my weight. Ian’s calm and knowledgeable approach meant that the transition from just chatting, to using a Paradigm technique, was seamless. The effect was immediate and lasting, meaning that I consistently make other, healthier eating choices. I particularly like Ian’s combination of food and nutrition knowledge, together with his Paradigm practice, which I think will make him a sought after practitioner for those with weight or food issues. I thoroughly recommend him.”

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Phobia, fear, diet, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, panic attacks, food issues, insomnia, motivation, addiction. Just a few of the everyday issues that we can deal with, you already have the answers. It is just a thought.

I’d just like to write a post thanking Ian for his help throughout me suffering with my anxiety, notably a time when I had a terrible panic attack whilst I was in his company and he helped me come out of it faster than I ever have before by showing me some tricks to calm myself down, something I have always struggled with. His presence and his advice really helped me in those moments. I’ve always suffered with anxiety in many forms, but particularly panic attacks and I couldn’t be more grateful for Ian’s help and advice. Ian has also started helping me crack my fear of the dark, another thing I have struggled with since a young age. I have also receieved reiki therapy through the most turbulent and hectic times in my life. I must say I was skeptical but I found that it really did help me and I felt more relaxed afterwards. Ian is understanding, comforting and professional at all times and I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, crippling fears and stress as I found that he has really helped me understand my conditions and phobias and where they come from. Thank you Ian!

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