10 Steps for a positive life.

How do you define if your life is positive and successful, a lot of today’s success and positives are generalised.  Parts of life such as having a “good” job, a loving partner, settled home life, material aspects, all are seen as part of a positive and successful life.  Then out of the blue something goes wrong, it is then down to the individual and their attitude to these changes in life that are important.  We all have our ups and downs in life and it is the standing back up and building your self-confidence that is the important factor when we have these setbacks in life.  When we are on the down a change of attitude and in life is required.  Here are 10 steps for a positive life.

What follows is some of the best advice I can give for a positive and successful life.

Setting Goals

As I have posted on a number of occasions having set goals in life is so important, when we have fixed and set goals and we write down these goals then it gives us focus and a determination to achieve them.  Set short, medium and long-term goals.  When you set these goals have defined stages in the goal, when you reach those stages reward yourself it keeps the focus.

Health & Activity

Create a daily schedule of activity, this can range from defined gym classes to going for a walk, we all know that having a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.  You can use the activity to break daily mundane routines as well.  Get outdoors, these are simple steps that we all can do.

Change Job

If you are spending the majority of your time in the workplace change it, if the job is causing issues in other areas of your life change it, staying in a job you hate and a job that is not fulfilling your needs change it.

Read Books

Books open the mind, there are numerous genres to choose from, read an autobiography of someone who inspires you, read books to further your self-education, read books to escape to free the mind to take you on journeys.


Do some voluntary work, this does not have to mean going off to far-flung corners of the earth, there are numerous ways in which you can give something back be it to your local community or to a cause that is close to your heart,  It is also an excellent way to meet other people and build your social network.

Treat yourself first

We all to often in life be it in our personal or professional lives think of others before ourselves.  Set defined times for you, and yes I understand that in today’s lifestyles this can be difficult, set aside three 15 minute slots a week for you, as you create these you times it will soon show the benefits.  Increase these you time slots to daily slots, I have mine each morning by getting up 15 minutes earlier, I do mindfulness exercise in these times, not only is this my time it also increases my focus through the day, creates positivity and clarity.

Avoid Stress & Anxiety

I have posted on a number of occasions on ways to beat stress and anxiety, by managing these aspects of daily life we improve so many aspects of life in general.

Be Positive

I can not highlight this step enough, what the mind is thinking is the life we get, if we focus on negativity then we get negativity, focus on the positives no matter how small they may seem, as each small positive thought builds our overall attitude does, by creating positivity we get more from life.

It’s your life, so live it!

Tell yourself the above everyday, as you tell yourself this it creates a sense of responsibility and authenticity towards your life. The key to happiness is within yourself.  Everything else in life can add to your life and you can allow those things to add happiness and positivity to your life.  Stop waiting for others, It is your life make it yours, make it the life you want.


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