Created as a resource of information for self-help from nutrition to coping with anxiety.  I firmly believe that we all have the tools we need to live a meaningful and happy life, sometimes we all get a bit lost on the road called life and I hope that what I offer here helps you to live the life you desire.  All the information that is contained on the site I truly believe in and use or have used in my own life.

If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life be it your goal setting to your diet and health then there are numerous articles and resources on the pages that can help you and guide you, like I said we all have the tools and information already it is just that sometimes it is hidden away and we just need guiding.  At times, we all feel like Alice and have fallen down the wrong rabbit hole, all I offer is a helping hand and ear to show you where the information is hidden.

Why should you read and use the information you find here?  From life experience and from my own journey these are tried and tested methods, tools and guides.  I would never ask anyone to try out things that I do not 100% trust and test.  If you follow just a handful of the numerous resources then you will have a far better life.

I write from life experience, I have led a life wearing many different hats on a number of roads.  From my experiences, I have learnt and I continue to learn, a day without learning is to me like a day without water.  When we stop learning we stop growing.

As I wrote above I have had a number of different life experiences since leaving school and joining the army, I trained and qualified as a chef but decided that the army life was not for me, I left and continued to train and work as a chef for the next 5 years before in a rather strange twist of mind I decided that the army was for me.  Far from re-joining as a chef I joined as a tank crewman, I served for 12 years on armoured vehicles in a number of theatres around the world.  After twelve years and a number of injuries I left the army and started a new life this time in IT.  Food has always remained one of my true loves, I have done further training and qualified as a nutritionist, ran my own catering business and cooked at food festivals and even at the NATO host summit.

The blog relates personally to me on a number of levels from the nutrition advice, to information regarding autism as my daughter was diagnosed with ASD (high functioning Asperger’s).  A few years back I wanted to give something back and trained with a charity that treats PTSD and other stress related illness, I qualified as a personal development coach and have since continued to train and get qualifications in NLP, CBT, mindfulness, mindfulness for children, diplomas in nutrition and become a Reiki master.

If any of this relates to you in anyway do not hesitate to join me on mine and your journey.  Subscribe to my newsletter and you will get a free E-book that is a roadmap and toolset to lead you to the life that you desire, to help you write your own story rather than live someone else’s.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together.


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