What is anxiety, when do we get anxious, what causes it and for what reason.  The word anxiety describes our feelings, emotions of worry, fear and unease.  It not only incorporates the emotion but the physical sensation we experience that we feel when worried or nervous over something.

Each and every one of us at sometime has and does experience anxiety.  It is common for us to be anxious to be tense or nervous at the thought of a stressful event or important decision.

Examples of this could be:

Sitting an exam

A driving test

New job

Moving home

Being diagnosed with an illness

Breaking up of a relationship

During these times it is only natural to be a little anxious, not sleep well, eat the wrong choices of food.  With most of us this soon passes as the event passes or situation is resolved.

Due to anxiety being a normal response it is hard to know and to diagnose when it is becoming a problem and having an effect on your mental health.  When these feelings are happening all the time or are becoming overwhelming this may lead to you feeling worried all the time even over simple everyday issues and occurrences.  You may feel physical, emotional and psychological effects of anxiety and even panic attacks.  These could even lead to you having an anxiety disorder.

Going out of the house may become a real issue to you and the thought of getting help may be daunting as you fear you will be judged.

If you feel that anxiety is affecting you and your life and the way you would like to live then it maybe worth thinking of ways to help yourself and to seek advice.

Please feel free to contact me, the first step is always the hardest and each thousand mile journey starts with a tiny step.


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