Creating positivity

Each and every one of us is a creator, our thoughts create what we are.  We all live either at cause or effect

Rather than living at ‘Effect’ and blaming circumstances outside ourselves for what happens in our lives, we must learn to live at ‘Cause’. Living at Cause allows us to take personal control for what goes on in our lives, the good and the bad. This doesn’t necessarily mean all bad things that happen to us are our own doing, but it does mean when something happens that we don’t want, instead of asking, “Why does this happen to me?” We instead ask, “How did I create this?” When we start to come from a place of taking personal responsibility, we win back the power over our own lives.

Anchoring is something that I learnt recently on one of my courses, it comes from NLP, it describes the process that we go through when something triggers a response within us. It can be internal or external and it triggers a particular feeling, image, sound or taste within us that we experience in that moment.  The trigger can be a song, a smell, a familiar image or many other things.  You could be driving along the motorway and a song will come on the radio which instantly transfers you to a different time, the song could trigger a time when you were with a friend on a holiday, it could take you to a time spent with a loved one.  These are triggers from outside us that we have anchored to times and events, people and places.

As you read on I will go through the process of creating your own personal positive anchors, you may want to do this when you are in a calm and relaxed place.

Step 1.

Think of a time when you felt totally confident, unstoppable, and most resourceful. Take as long as you may need… As you read these words you may find yourself thinking of a time recently, or perhaps long ago… A time when you felt totally confident, when you felt that nothing in the world could ever stop you. That you could create, be, do and have whatever you wanted. Maybe it was just after a promotion, a team victory, or some sort of family or group event… Find that time when you felt totally confident, and once you’ve taken a moment to clearly find that time, proceed to step 2…

Step 2.

As you find that time, the time when you felt at your best, I want you to imagine that you have a dial such as a volume dial on a radio and as you turn that dial it increases the intensity of the emotions that you are feeling, And as you think of that time, I want you to take that dial and begin turning it up… Noticing the more you turn that dial the stronger the feeling of being totally confident becomes… As you read these words you notice how strong that feeling can become, turning that dial-up even further now… Now in a moment I want you to turn that dial all the way around.

Step 3.

Now as you turn the dial and increase the feelings of confidence, strength, positivity notice how you feel and how that you can do this at any time, now as you feel at your most confident and positive place your thumb and middle finger together, and as you do that notice the immense feelings of positivity and confidence, hold the thumb and middle finger together for as long as you feel the positivity and confidence at their peak, and you can hold this for as long as you wish.  As you feel the strength of the emotions decrease, as the state lowers release the thumb and middle finger.

Step 4.

Break state think of a donkey riding a horse in the donkey derby at the beach.  As the horse moves away the state breaks.

Step 5.

Repeat the steps 1-4 four times.

Step 6.

Once you have repeated the steps above 4 times, notice that whenever you touch the thumb and middle finger together you get that positive state instantly.  When you touch the thumb and middle finger together this creates your positive anchor and the more you repeat it the stronger it will become.

There are five key aspects to anchors

I …..  Intensity of the Experience

T ….. Timing of the Anchor

U ….. Uniqueness of the Anchor

R ….. Replication of the Stimulus

N ….. Number of times

The above is one method we can create positivity, there are other methods we can use, if you feel that you would like to know more and want more help guiding you to find your positive choices then simply leave a comment or message me.


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