This is one of the most common things I get asked about and one I have first hand experience of, fear phobia and the dentist.  Today’s dental practices are far removed from the dentist when I grew up, technology, anaesthetics and the skills of the dentist and their staff has improved vastly.  I recall being a child and the anaesthetic had started wearing off before the dentist began the work, the drill on tooth could be felt long before the numbness had worn off.

The thing to consider is Phobia or Fear, a phobia in general is far more extreme than just a fear of the dentist, people with a phobia have in general have real anxiety.

Today I went and seen the dental hygienist, I have not been for the best part of ten years.  My issue with the hygienist goes back to being in the army and having a needle put through my cheek, I have no issue with needles and none with the dentist in general just the hygienist and the buzz and scraping and the hoover making the slurping noise.

While i sat in the waiting room I set a positive anchor as wrote about in the post linked to.  When i was called into the treatment room I had set my self in a positive mind-set.

As the hygienist talked about what she would be doing during the appointment I started a self-hypnosis script, already being in a positive state it was simply a case of reciting the script to myself as the hygienist started the treatment, I was very quickly in a very relaxed state and any anxiety or fear was well gone.  The session was soon over with no issues at all, I am back next week for a further session of deep cleaning, all this down to my fear that has stopped me going for the best part of ten years.  In all honesty I am actually looking forward to getting the work done and hopefully sorting out the gum issues that I have caused.

If you want any further information or would like to learn how you can overcome your dental fears and phobias just leave a comment and make that positive choice.

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