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So I have started the new year by following my own advice and actually setting out my goals and positivity.  The vast majority of people start the new year with a resolution or two, very few actually plan them or action those resolutions, the majority being a drunken blur of the night before and it all to often claims of I will lose weight or get fit, stop smoking etc etc.  For the biggest part all to few will be finished if even started, the old saying fail to plan and you plan to fail.

I have posted on goals and positivity on a few posts on the blog from weight loss goal setting to creating positivity.

I started the new year with a new pad and sitting down and writing out what my goals are for the coming year, the usual suspects are there along with goals for the business and personal life.  I never say I want to lose weight as the subconscious does not process negatives and to lose something is a negative, the goal is to become healthier, fitter, stronger.  To that end I have bought a SUP and activity I tried last year for my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed, add in the kayak, bike and climbing and I am going to be fairly active, I also plan on getting out in the countryside that I am blessed to be surrounded by, just being outdoors boosts all manner of mental activities and has been proving to combat a whole host of mental health issues from SAD to depression.

One big goal this year is to make the business successful and to move forward with what I have started, I have set goals using the methods I have posted before. It is such a simple process that takes a few minutes of your time and the benefits far outweigh the time taken.

Another goal is to get back to eating clean, I rarely eat processed foods such as bread and pasta but have been a bit lazy and have not been planning my meals, the start to the year has seen a drastic change in that and it will continue as I have set it out in my health goals note its not weight loss goal.  Five days in and the healthy start is already showing results, better sleep patterns, more focused, less bloating.  One thing I highly recommend  for anyone is the taking of probiotics, these balance the healthy gut bacteria and as is now being shown in plenty of medical study a healthy gut equals a healthy mind.  So far after 5 days eating clean and a weight reduction of 6lb and a far healthier feeling.




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