Hidden sugars

Carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, the main thing to remember is not all calories are equal and refined and high glycaemic index carbohydrates are rapidly broken down into simple sugars which are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, causing risky spikes in blood insulin levels. Most common chronic diseases of Western Civilization have been tied to these types of (deliciously addictive) carbohydrates, therefore it is wise to keep them to a minimum.

As a guide, it is recommended that women should not consume more than 25 grams of added sugar per day and men’s intake is not recommended to exceed 36 grams. Added sugars are present in processed or prepared foods and natural sugars are those that occur naturally, such as the sugars present in milk and fruits.

For weight loss the number of carbs needs to be in set limits.

Rapid weight loss less than 50g of carbs per day this is known as ketosis where the body uses ketones for energy, this should not be carried out for any length of time unless under strict medical guidance.

50g – 100g This is the sweet spot for weight loss as you see from the very brief list below it is very easy to exceed this amount even when you are eating what you have always been told is healthy.

100g – 150g Body maintenance this is the amount of carbs that if eaten daily you will maintain body weight

150g + Weight gain


The below is not a meal plan and I am not saying a person eats all the listed at any given meal time they are merely examples of what we are told are healthy options.


Breakfast Porridge 45g serving = 30g carbs

2 slices brown toast = 30g carbs

Glass of orange juice = 10g carbs

Special K bar = 18g carbs



Bowl of whole-wheat pasta salad = 40g carbs

Ham sandwich with salad and low fat spread = 35g carbs

Packet of walkers lites = 20g carbs

One apple = 11g carbs 2 teaspoons of sugar

One medium banana = 20g carbs 3 teaspoons of sugar

Chicken Fajita Wrap, Boots Shapers = 42g carbs




Baked potato = 36.6g carbs

Bowl of rice = 45g carbs







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