How to defeat negativity


By the very nature of our make up we all at some point have negative and self-defeating emotions.  The following is a simple process that works really quickly and is very effective.  Try this out for your self and see how you get on.

Step 1.

Think of something that is bothering you right now, pick the worst thing that you are going through.

Step 2.

Now as you think of it picture where in your body you have this feeling, where do you feel this emotion, some people feel it in their arms, their head a lot of women feel it between their breasts where as a lot of men feel it at the top of the stomach.  Picture where this emotion enters your body.

Step 3.

Notice the direction the feeling is moving, all feelings move they move all the time.  A good example is when you are feeling nervous you say “I have butterflies in my stomach” imagine feeling nervous now and notice the feeling.

Step 4.

At this point you should now have a picture of the feeling and its direction, you should now where the feeling is.

Is it a still picture or is it a movie.  If it is a still picture follow step (a) below if a movie step (b)

Step a.

With the picture in your mind’s eye, place a black border around the edge and move it away from you in your mind’s eye, shrink the image to the size of a postcard. Then move it away from you again until it’s the size of a postage stamp. Then when it is as small as you can make it, take a deep breath and blow it away until you can’t see it any more.

As you  are doing this, I want you to place your hands on the area of your body where the feelings are. Then push the feelings in your body in the opposite direction. So, for example, if you discovered the feelings were in your lower stomach moving up, you would use your hands to move the feelings downward. As you blow the picture away you should also find you have moved the feeling from your body.

Step b.

If you see a movie playing, pick the worst part of the movie and freeze it. Now you have a picture and can continue with the technique by following the instructions given above in (a).

Step 5.

Test the results of your work. Try to think again about THE SAME THING that was worrying you and see and feel for yourself how remarkably different the experience is now.


This simple process works very well for many different feelings.  What is topping you from trying it now.  Try it and leave your comments below.





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