Meltdowns, Mindfulness and Meditation

A new chapter in life started this week with me now mainly working from home, of course this means a change in routine for Ffion and with change comes the inevitable meltdowns and the follow on from them. Meltdowns, Mindfulness and Meditation is where this post comes from with the courses and learning that I have undertaken this year one of the main things I said was if through it all I can help Ffion with her ASD and all that goes with it then I will have achieved everything I wanted.

So we come to Meltdowns, Mindfulness and Meditation.  As any parent with a child with ASD and its many varying ways of displaying itself meltdowns are one thing we all learn about, no it’s not a tantrum no it’s not showing off or behaving badly it is a meltdown.  Children with ASD have brains that are wired differently, each one is individual as are all of us.

This week we have had 3 quite major meltdowns, two in the morning where routine has changed with me now being home in the morning and not working away and calling her each morning, both led to going to school late and some words that though I know are just anger and frustration.

This week as well as using Reiki to calm her we have been working on mindfulness and meditation.  I have read quite a bit on meditation this year and have done and 8 week mindfulness course, I have found that by meditating just for brief periods each morning while self-healing with reiki that my mind is far more focussed for the day ahead and brings clarity.

Me and Ffion have meditated together twice this week and done some reading on mindfulness, after both meditations she has been far more settled and has spoken more clearly about her feelings and emotions.  This is just the start of another chapter in our lives with ASD (aspergers) and one I truly feel can help as it brings clarity and focus to the mind, we are what the mind thinks we portray what the mind is.

In Ffion’s words, “I felt better after meditating and I am learning things from the mindfulness”  it is only a small step on the journey though as they say “from tiny acorns grow mighty oaks”


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