My Week of food and exercise.

So a weekend of too much booze and not eating the best though not the worse food in the world I had that Monday mindset kick in that I needed a bit of a rethink and to read over and go through my goals I had set recently.  We all have the Monday mindset after a bad weekend or a slip up in the week where we say I will start Monday, I will go back to the gym Monday, for many the Monday never happens so why not make it I will start TODAY.

After work on Monday I went shopping for my weeks groceries, I usually do a batch cook Monday evening and that is my lunches for the week sorted, this week was slow cooker chilli a g to recipe for me that gives me plenty of protein and few carbs along with the benefits of the chillies in there.  Cooking in bulk is both time-saving and cost efficient and the use of a slow cooker is a great way to set and forget giving you time to do other more important things.

This weeks breakfasts have been smoothies which have a general base of almond or coconut milk, frozen berries, half a banana and frozen spinach, an excellent addition to any morning smoothie is green tea, make the night before and allow to cool over night replace half your almond milk with the green tea, this adds a great level of antioxidants and also aids in digestion.  If you wish to add a protein powder to the mix feel free.  I buy frozen berries and spinach as they are more economical.

 This weeks evening meals have been a liver and bacon salad, roast chicken in pancetta with salad and sweet potato fries(oven baked), a Goan fish curry and pan-fried sea bass with early Pembroke new potatoes(3 potatoes equal around 60g of carbs), chicken curry (no picture). There are in general 4 levels of carbs to be eating in a day, if you eat less than 50g a day you are in effect in ketosis the body then uses ketones as energy, if I do intermittent fasting i often eat less than 50g a day, that is another post in itself.  Between 50g and 100g this is the ideal amount to eat if you are looking to lose weight, between 100g and 150g this is body maintenance area, over the 150g a day and you are in to weight gain area.

So that is the food for a general week, a balanced diet containing plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates,  vegetables and fruits.  Fluid intake I have one black coffee in the morning and the rest of the day is green tea and water.

So that is one half of the weeks story the food side of it, as you see I do not go hungry and just eat a few salad leaves I eat healthy and clean, all the meat I eat is free range and fish is from sustainable sources.  I do realise that free range may be out of reach for some in today’s economic climate though I highly suggest to buy meat of the highest welfare possible this is not just on a morals ground but on a very important health ground as well, factory farmed meat is pumped full of chemicals and antibiotics, this has in recent times led to the resistance in antibiotics by many bacteria and bugs e.g. MRSA.  We as a race are becoming more intolerant to antibiotics due to ingestion by eating factory farmed meats, the agriculture industry are by far the largest purchasers of antibiotics.

Enough of the soap box rant that can be revisited.

So this weeks exercise has been mainly out on the bike in the forest and lanes where I stay while working away Monday to Friday, each day I start with some yoga this takes about 10-15 minutes and I honestly believe it sets me up for the day I carry out a sun salutation and have added a diagram to show how simple it is.

Lunch times most days I tend to go for a walk, doing a sedentary job sitting at a computer all day this is my escape from the screen as well as getting some light exercise I also get some of my exposure to sun we all know the importance of the sun and vitamin B12.

This week I have been out on the bike around the forest that surrounds the local area where I stay the ground is a mix of sandy tracks and gravely wood paths, there are some great lanes around the forest which not many cars use so it’s a good mix and a great exercise on the legs when going up the sandy hills in the forest, the first ride I went on in the week I had originally intended to go out for an hour in the forest, the next thing I had done 30 km in and around the forest and the local area, I repeated this later in the week though on a slightly different route and ended up lost in a large country park where the wardens had no idea how I actually got in there.  Next week to add in to the mix I am doing a climbing skills course at the indoor climbing wall and getting back in the pool in the morning now my arm has healed.

So there in a nutshell is this week, which has led to loosing half a stone after a few weeks of being lazy and not eating the best, well I say not eating the best I tend to eat the same 95% of the time my issue is the having a few beers with a meal, this soon adds up with lots of hidden sugars which as we know are simple carbohydrates that we then store as fat.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to comment or drop me a line.

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