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I have just finished my level 1 training with Paradigm Training Solutions, this was the first time the training had been offered to the general public previously the training was through the charity Talking2Minds.

"The training is an introduction to the Paradigm Matrix™ which in conjunction with well rehearsed language patterns will assist you to create change for people suffering with minor stress related conditions that may include mild forms of fear, phobias and minor traumas.

With practice the coach will be able to replicate the process well which will set them up for interaction more complex cases."

During the 10 day course we worked with the trainers and peers using the methods and techniques which over the last 8 years have produced a 97% success rate on the treatment of PTSD and other stress related conditions.

This is the start of a long journey that I am really looking forward to travelling and further learning and enhancement of the skills I now have.


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