I am not a doctor nor a medical expert so will never give advice on these matters nor against your personal doctor, I do not have the answers only you have them.  I will not judge nor ask the reasons that brought you to where you now are.  I have the tools to help and guide you to find those answers to get you into the positive mental state you are looking for.

Using the tool set we can deal with phobias, fears and anxiety in everyday life helping you to overcome these and to move forward.


I also offer Reiki and this can be used in treatments.  I am a qualified chef and hold a diploma in nutrition and believe that diet and food plays a major part in our mental health state , I can help you to work out healthy balanced eating plans which can and do help promote mental well-being.

There are many other aspects of daily life where we can help.  Worried about a driving test or exam, anxious over a visit to the dentist or doctors these and many more parts of our daily life that cause us stress in one way or anther can be treated with the skill set I now have and continue to develop.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.  Sometimes the first step is the biggest and scariest, each journey starts with that one single step.  Everything is in total confidence.



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