Goal Setting

We all at some point in our lives set goals be it the annual post-Christmas resolutions to the summer beach body, quitting smoking to eating healthy or healthier.

When I did my Paradigm Personal Development Coach training one of the modules was goal setting, as I said we all do it and think we are setting realistic goals that we will achieve.  What we need to do is to make the S.M.A.R.T and plan them.

S — Specific

M — Measurable

A — Attainable

R — Realistic and Rewarding

T — Time-able

Saying I want to lose weight is not Specific enough set it out in Measurable parts, the first could be to lose 7lb in 6 weeks with this you are being specific and it is measurable, is it Attainable? yes as 1lb a week roughly is a good weight to lose that can easily be achieved, is it time-able again yes if you weighed each week you can time the average weight loss, this fits all of the S.M.A.R.T principles.

To take things a step further in your goal setting you can do other things in the planning and execution of them.

State your goal in positive terms :

Where are you now?  Where do you want to be?  What do you want?  State it in the positive (what you want to achieve).  What are you going toward?

Specify your goal in sensory based terms.

What will you see, hear, feel, etc., when you have it?  What steps or stages are involved in reaching this goal?  Engage all of your senses in this description process to employ more of your brain and nervous system.  Have you broken down your goal into small enough chunks so that each is do-able?  What are the sizes of the behavioral chunks?  Could the size possibly overwhelm you?

Make the goal compelling:

Does it pull on you?  Make it a compelling future representation that’s dissociated (When you see your goal make sure you see yourself having obtained your goal.).

Make sure the goal is right for you and all other areas of your life:

Is the desired goal right for you in all circumstances of your life?  Is your goal appropriate in all your personal relationships?  What will having your goal give you that you do not now have?  What will having your goal cause you to lose?  Is your goal achievable?  Does it respect your health, relationships, etc?  Is it within your control?

List the context of the goal:

Where, when, how, with whom, etc. will you get this goal?

What resources will you need to achieve your goal:

What resources will you need in order to get this goal?  Who will you have to become?  Who else has achieved this goal?  Have you ever had or done this before?  Do you know anyone who has?  What prevents you from moving toward it and attaining it now?


How will you know when you have reached your goal? What will tell you that you have reached your desired state.


So that is goal setting and if followed makes goals far easier to achieve rather than fluffy notions and ideas.  I did all the above when on my course and set a goal of getting back on the climbing wall, this will achieve a number of things in my life both personally and for my family.  Last night I made the first steps on that goal and went for a refresher lesson at Reading Climbing Centre, after an hour in the centre on the hottest day of the year so far I knew I had made that first step on my SMART goal.  I remembered why I used to enjoy climbing and it is definitely not my last visit, next on the goal after some well needed lessons and getting hours on the wall in will be some cliff climbing in West Wales on the North Pembrokeshire coast, again this goal fits and meets all the criteria set out.

So what are you waiting for sit down and start setting goals, they can be short-term or long-term just follow the above method and the only thing stopping you is YOU.

Enjoy yourself while doing them and remember if you do not have goals how can you reach them, if you do not have dreams how can they come true, if you do not have a target how can you hit it!!




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