Simple steps to staying focussed…

Even the most dedicated and focussed among us have trouble on times staying focussed on our goals.  There are so many distractions and obstacles put in our way in today’s modern lifestyle.  Some of the obstacles could be others not wanting you to reach your goals, your impatience and frustration, lack of knowledge not just yours, changes in circumstances and priorities, becoming overwhelmed.

Other people…

It is fairly common for friends and relatives to (unconsciously) not want you to achieve your goals. This may happen because, they are jealous of you, or scared that they will look inadequate compared to you, or that they will ‘lose’ your friendship / love / attention if you were successful, or that their ego wants them to appear better than you.  In some instances it may be subtle like being ill when you have an important meeting, in other circumstances it is far more obvious such as getting you to eat and drink unhealthy when you are on a diet or aiming at a fitness goal.  When you notice this happening try to approach it as tactfully as you can.  You may want to have a chat and remind them of what you reaching your goal means to them as well, remember from goal setting that it must be ecological to you and others.

Impatience and frustration…

In cases of frustration and impatience when you believe that your goal is not being achieved you could try the following methods.

  • For what purpose do I want this?  What will this do for me/how will this benefit me?  What is this an example of?

and then ask yourself:

  • What’s a different way to achieve this?  What’s a different example of this?

As an example of this when I wanted to start climbing again and set my goal I had sold all my climbing kit many years ago, rather than go straight ahead and buy all new in my goal setting I made specific stages of the goal, first was having a get back to climbing lesson at an indoor wall, I had three other lessons and marked these down as goal achievements and rewarded myself on reaching them.

Another way is to look at things from others perspectives.  Essentially this involves seeing the situation from other perspectives, for example the perspective of other people involved, and from someone who is completely neutral. Often stepping back can help you to gain a calmer perspective and clarity about ways to move forward.

Lack of knowledge…

This is often the easiest obstacle to overcome, in today’s technological world we can generally find the answer or guidance on most subjects with a few clicks of a mouse.  Equally if you have the knowledge and someone is struggling offer them the help and share your knowledge.

Changes in circumstances and priorities…

In life circumstances change, pregnancy, promotion at work, redundancy and illness.  When these unforeseen circumstances happen simply review the goal and make the necessary changes, do not let them stop you in your goal.  It maybe that you need to totally change to goal to reflect these circumstances and priorities, always ask yourself if there is another way to achieve the goal.

Being overwhelmed…

When you have a feeling of being overwhelmed look at the following and ask yourself the questions.

  • STOP, take stock, ask yourself whether you are taking on too much in your life or work/business, ask yourself whether you’re a perfectionist and could accept excellence instead of perfection, delegate where you can, defer certain activities until a later date (assuming the overwhelm is temporary; do not defer to store up overwhelm for the future!)

As you can see these are simple steps that will help you stay on track and help achieve your goals and assist in you staying focussed.



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