Whichever way you look at it stress is part and parcel of everyday life, face it if there was no stress in your life you would not be reading this right now.  The fact is that with all of today’s technology that brings work in to the home we get little or no respite, email notifications late in the night when you should be switched off from the working day.  The problem with this pressure is that it leads to stress and unless managed well can soon get on top of us.  Stress management is a vital personal task that we should not take lightly.

Whatever way you look at it stress is bad for you, when the mind is stressed the body is stressed.  Michael G. Wetter says

“When our bodies and minds perceive danger, blood pressure goes up and the digestive system shuts down.”   When our body is constantly working and our mind under constant pressure, the body never has a chance to recuperate.

So the bottom line is we need to learn to cope and to put in place our stress management strategy.  If the day-to-day pressure is not going anywhere any time soon then we need to learn stress management.


As the last post on here pointed out we can not under-estimate the importance of sleep, the bottom line is that if we do not get the required sleep and the correct sleep then we can not function at our best, when this is happening the pressure mounts and the stress increases. When you get the best sleep you give your body and mind the best chance of recuperating and of repairing itself.


I have posted on a number of posts the importance of exercise and the outdoors.  It has been shown many times in clinical research that exercise improves cognitive function, boosts the supply of oxygen to the blood stream, increase in brain volume and grey matter, it increases your brain power and helps in decision-making and task switching. When you exercise you help set up your body to better handle the day-to-day pressures and teach it to manage stress levels more efficiently.


By the word diet I do not mean “going on a diet”.  By diet i mean eating well in general.  I will not dwell on it here as I have posted a number of posts regarding diet and its importance in mental health, avoid processed foods, cut down on the simple carbohydrates, feed the body the right fuel and you will have more energy and when added to the other two points in this short post it will help the body function to its full potential, relieve the day-to-day pressures and add to your stress management.

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