Weight loss goal setting


As with most things in life if we truly wish to succeed then we have to create a plan, set goals and want it.  Weight loss is no different and with no plan then the latest fad diet will only give short-term results, we have all been there followed the latest juice, soup, no granny smith apple on a Wednesday diet and as soon as the diet stops we invariably gain it all back and often gain more, and so begins the vicious circle we follow on the weight loss merry-go-round.

Have you ever sat down before you started a diet and filled in  a diary, beginning with a questionnaire, really thought of how and what you are going to do to start your plan, set your goals and truly want what you know you can accomplish.

How about starting with this questionnaire

Weight Loss Questionnaire
1. How would you really feel if you lost all the weight you wanted to lose?
2. How does your weight affect your life?
3. How long have you been struggling with your weight?
4. At what age did you first notice weight gain?
5. What are the emotional triggers that prompt you to overeat?
6. How many times do you eat per day and what kind of foods do you eat?
7. What kinds of foods do you have the most trouble with?
8. What kinds of foods would you like to eat more of in support of better health?
9. Have you tried other weight loss programs?
10. What are the three main reasons you would like to lose weight?
11. What are some positive benefits/feelings you would have as a result of achieving
this weight loss goal?
12. If you could create 5 -10 positive personal affirmations regarding this goal, what
would they be?
13. What is the number one driving factor when it comes to your decision lose
14. What weight or size would you like to be and what is your ideal time frame?
15. Do you have any fears when it comes to losing weight?
16. Have you ever been hypnotized?
17. What are your sleeping patterns?
18. How often do you exercise?
19. How do you like to relax?

If you could come up with one defining statement that describes where you would
like to be once you achieve your goal, what would it be?
The point of this exercise is to really get to the heart of the matter.

If you start a weight loss programme with no plan or goal as the old saying goes “fail to plan and you plan to fail”

If you have filled out the questionnaire above you will have a clearly defined plan and a set of goals as we know from previous posts on goal setting it is important to do this and write it down and keep it where you can view it.

If you would like further information and help regarding weight loss or other food related issues get in touch and we can start the journey together to give you the you that is what you desire.



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